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10$ Mixed Roll 90 Percent Half Dollars

10.00 Roll 90% Silver Halves Containing Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy Half Dollars
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Containing $10 face value Half Dollar Silver coins, these items are an excellent method of accumulating silver bullion coins at reasonable prices. Even though these pieces of silver are playfully termed ‘junk silver,’ they make a great investment option for those who want more economical methods of investing in precious metals.

The United States Government ceased production of silver coins like the these coins after 1965 due to the increasing gap between the value of the silver in the coins and their face value. Hence, investors love these silver rolls, which allows them to accrue 90% silver at low premiums over spot.

Each $10 face value contains a total of 7.15 ounces of silver. Although the coins in the roll are selected at random, all of them are minted before 1965.

Designs on the obverses on the reverses of these silver coins may vary depending on the stock available at the time of ordering. However, you are guaranteed $10 in face value, i.e. 20 Half Dollar coins.

These coins went out of production because the intrinsic value of the silver in the coin is worth more than the face value of the coin itself. Hence, they are usually valued much above their face values.

These coin rolls make a brilliant way of beginning a foray into precious metals investments. The coins included in this roll can include any of the following coins in any variety: Kennedy Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars or Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Each coin in these rolls are guaranteed to be 90% silver minted by the US Mint.

*Because these coins have been circulated for 50+ years, condition is not guaranteed to match the quality of the coins shown in the above product image. The image's purpose is to show what coins may or may not come with the SKU.

Please notify me when this product is in stock.

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Gary 01/05/2020

Super Happy

great coins and very nice variety