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We buy coins and entire coin collections, paper money, silver and gold bullion and scrap gold.

We make selling your items very easy and safe. We are a top 10 buyer. We pay fair market values and we are trusted online and in our community. 

Hoop and Hassle Free

  1. Gather up all the items you wish to sell.
  2. Write up or print your Payment Preferences and Contact Information
  3. Include your Name, Phone, Address, Email Address.
  4. Package Securely in a USPS Flat Rate Shipping Box.

Note: Items that have no original packaging or loose coins should be placed in zip lock bags first.
Note: Be sure that your package doesn't rattle around or sound like coins.
Note: USE A BOX - Please Do Not Send Envelopes With Coins.

Ship Your Package To: "TCS L.L.C" 9937 East Grand River Ave. Brighton Mi. 48116

It's really that simple..
We will reimburse your shipping!

Choose how you get paid

When your shipment arrives, your products will be unpacked and authenticated securly. We will contact you with our buy price.  Payment is released in 1 to 3 business days. You can choose how you want to be paid.

Payment Delivery Options



Time Frame -Restrictions

USPS First Class Mail
Company Check


Payment Is Processed 1-3 Business days from receiving your package.

ACH Direct Deposit


Only for transactions under $1,000

Bank Wire Transfer

Fee Waived If the transaction is over $10,000

Only for transactions over $5,000


When you sell to us, our minimum purchase amount is $300.00 USD.
This means we will return packages that don't include at least $300.00 dollars worth of coins, bullion, or Scrap Gold.

Currently we only purchase products from customers located within the U.S.