Covid-19 Precautions At The Coin Shop

We wanted to let our customer know that we are taking Coronavirus (Covid-19) seriously and we are taking every precaution to protect our customers in the shop and online. 

We have actively been cleaning and disinfecting ALL surfaces from the street level all the way through our shop after each customer leaves the shop. All door pulls, display case tops, tables, tablets, even our pens and calculators. 

We are not selling any individual collectible coins that could have been exposed to the virus.
Everything new that comes into the shop is being held in isolation for 9 days.

Bullion shipments are being sanitized prior to being available for pick-up or sent out to fill online orders. 
We are also handling, picking, packaging and wrapping every order with white-glove treatment ( well actually, they are black gloves ).

Self-Quarantine? Isolation? Social Distancing? Sounds like great time to break out that coin collection and get to work on filling in those missing dates. 

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Jason Bane
The Coin Shop