The Coin Shop has launched a new Site for Auctions. 

Please visit our store to check out our current auctions

After several trials to incorporate Auctions into this site we decided to go another route.
We would have preferred to keep everything under one roof so to speak but the framework of this site was not built to handle an auction environment. 

Having said that, we needed a solution that worked not just for us, but for anyone. Introducing We didn't just sign up for an auction site, we created a brand new marketplace platform for everyone, including us. 

If you are looking for a fair place to sell those extra coins you have lying around or just about anything else, you need to check it out. offers great features.

  • Auctions

  • Fixed Price Products

  • Over 20K Categories

  • ebay Importer

  • Sell anything for 3% or less!

  • Member Stores

  • Bullion Live Pricing!

  • Members can list up to 50 items free

  • Zero Insertion fees!

  • Seller and Buyer Reputations

  • Buyer Seller Communications

  • Seller & Member Verification

  • Integrated payments : paypal, amazon, stripe,, skrill, coinbase and more